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Brockwell Park 8.jpeg
 Brockwell Park - The Walled Garden  - oil on wood  53cm by 61.5 cm  £ 395
A Summers day - The Walled Garden Brockwell Park .jpeg
A Summers Day in the Walled Garden Brockwell Park:  Oil on wood 72cm by 61cm £450 
The Last Supper at Brixton Prison
Joseph's Dream Oil on wood 20cm by 33cm unframed £250
The Last Supper in Brixton Prison Oil on Paper 60cm by 80cm with mount and frame £400
An angel sitting on the hedge in Brockwell park. Oil on paper 60cm by 80cm including mount and frame £400
Brockwell Park in the snow .jpeg
Brockwell Park in the snow; Oil on wood. 72cm, by 51cm £400
brockwell park walled garden in the summer.jpeg
 Brockwell Park, the walled garden : Oil on wood 46cm by 64cm unframed £395 
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