Holy Week Special

The Last Supper in Brixton Prison
The Way of the Cross
Noli Me Tangere

The three paintings  above have been chosen as three images to illustrate the three holy days of Easter by the Radio 4 Lent retreat, arranged by the Jesuits and entitled Pathways to Prayer (click link)

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Spring Art Exhibition 2021

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John Bateson Artist

John Bateson - artist

I am a freelance artist  living with my family in Brixton in south east London. I grew up here , went to school at the local grammar school,  and a  number of my  pictures draw  their inspiration from the locality

Painting is in my blood.  My mother, my grandmother and my grandfather were all keen painters, and   it  was  from them that I  first  learned how to  draw  and paint . 

I see painting and printing as a form of exploration; you may have an  idea where you are heading but you never quite know where you are going to end up. This is what makes the whole process so exciting.

Current News

 I am   showing work at Our Lady  of Sorrows church at

246 Fulham Road  London SW10 9EL  

Still life with cup and lemon
The Summer Collection